"Intelligent country music that avoids the clichés" — Americana UK (2012)

"On their third album, the Doc Marshalls drop the Cajun flair that earned them kudos...and step boldly into the spare neo-folk territory explored these days by A.A. Bondy, Anders Parker and Jay Farrar. While frontman Nicolas Beaudoing, may not be the household the aforementioned trio, he’s certainly a talent on par with them." — Popmatters (2012)

"It’s a damn shame that a band this good is self-releasing their albums. The Brooklyn-based Marshalls are Americana’s greatest unknown band, mixing accordion-heavy Cajun music with Parsons-esque alt-country to create a sound both unique and infectious." — The 9513 (Austin, TX)

"On their second record, Honest for Once, the band moves seamlessly from tear-in-beer honky tonk to Flying Burrito Brothersesque alt-country to raucous Cajun dancehall tunes that make damn near every other country record released in 2008 pale in comparison." — Pop Matters

"Well-executed, frenetic Cajun music that will thrill fans of the genre as well as the yet to be converted" — New York Magazine

"It's hard to believe that the Doc Marshalls haven't been signed to a record deal, but maybe it's just as well. I don't know what a record label could have done to improve on their second release, Honest for Once" — Freight Train Boogie

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